Who Am I?

That question just occurred to me... and well... I don't seem to know the answer. First I thought: Tharun. But that's just a name. It's simply a way to... I can't put this in words, but I guess it's just a word used to um... describe(?) me. Ok, I need to get better at putting stuff into sentences. Ok back to who I am. Well I guess who I am is something I and only I have, or am. Which apparently, I don't. I am a boy, but there are others (duh!). I am a brother, a son, a grandson, a nephew, etc, but that isn't it. Well, if I put all my qualities together, then I would be 'unique'. But what I am looking for is a word or two that will say it all.

But... what is it? I have absolutely no idea.

This leads me to another question: What am I here for? (to be discussed in another blog post)

Well, maybe I have an answer to who I am, but it can't be expressed in words. I just don't know how to say it. Languages are sooo limited...


A Quote

"Dream as if you'll live forever, live as though you'll die today"
- James Dean