Mumbai Blasts

My dad sometimes, in the morning, turns on the TV to watch CNN. And guess what? There were like 4 bomb blasts (as I'm writing this, there have been 10) in Mumbai!

Turns out that these terrorists, from a group called Deccan Mujahideen (sounds new), a branch of another terrorist group called Indian Mujahideen (another new one). 6 places were/are under terrorist attacks. The Taj Hotel, Oberoi Trident (another hotel), CST Railway station, Café Leopold, Cama Hospital and Nariman Point. My mum says that these guys (aged only like 20-25) barged into the Café and just started firing (btw, they have AK-47s, hand grenades, etc.). Then they rounded up ppl with American or British passports.

As for the hotels, there are still hostages (about 80 in just one of them) in them, with terrorists. There is smoke billowing out the windows, fires, and gunshots are being heard every 10 mins. The NSG (National Security Guard) is moving up the hotel and they directly under the room where the terrorists and hostages are. On a news channel, they had this guy, called Deepak (no offence, Deep) who was trapped in the Taj Hotel, was on the phone with these news people and is saying stuff like "I'm below the 18th floor, above the 10th, not too high, not too low"! What if the terrorists found out?

My mum also says that there are officials from the Singapore Embassy standing under one of the hotels. Diplomats trapped inside, maybe? 

To look at pics, visit this URL: Don't tell them you're a Brit


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