Hmmm, so it’s been almost about 4 months since I last blogged. One word: Whoa. Yes, I have been neglecting my blog, I won’t deny that, but 4 months? Aw man, I should hit myself. *Whack* Ow. Now that I’ve revived the blog for at least the fifth time, we face another problem. What do I blog about? I mean, a lot of things have happened. I went to India, I got a goat, I got selected for HSSRP, I became an APL for Scouts, I’m now in Sec 3, I went to OBS, then… uh yeah that’s about it. K, let’s start with my goat. I got this black goat, well a kid really, he’s about knee height and he’s like the cutest little thing. I’d give you photos, but they’re on Facebook, so I can’t be bothered to put them here. You’re not my friend on Facebook? Shoo then, you shouldn’t be reading this. Then why isn’t this blog only viewable by limited people, you ask? Because I’m 14 an lazy, so I couldn’t care less. Anyway, my goat’s name is Boy, he likes hibiscus and rose leaves and he poops in pellets.

About me getting selected for HSSRP, uh, no big deal, it’s just another research project, except that if I screw this one up, I’ll tarnish RI’s reputation, so no pressure. Me being an Assistant Patrol Leader, yay. Thank you, thank you, you’re far too kind. I’m now in Sec 3, yay for that too. Oh and I went to OBS in Pulau Ubin, talk about that, right now I need to go to sleep.

Nokia Bus

Today, I got on 157 to go to back home. The bus is some kind of bus sponsored by Nokia or something. Sorry if this sounds outdated, but I really haven't been on these buses. So anyway, all the seats are low and much softer than the normal bus seats. It even had 2 bar stools with a table. But best of all, it was giving out free songs! Not that the songs were good, but they were free! As Mr Krabs would say:


Basically all you had to do was switch on your Bluetooth and something would send you the song that was playing at the time. Have any of you been on these buses?

Scientists discover massive ring around Saturn

It's been about a month and a half since I last blogged. Yay. Before I say anything,I'd like to congratulate everyone who managed to become a prefect, especially Deepak, 'cause I was campaigning for him and all, that's a different story, I'll tell you later.

So anyway, my parents saw this on CNN, and I thought, Wow. How could we have missed that? Turns out the ring is actually invisible, and can only be detected by thermal imaging.

On 6 October 2009, the discovery was announced of a tenuous outer disk of material that is in the plane of Phoebe's orbit, which is tilted 27 degrees from Saturn's equatorial plane. The ring is from 128 to 207 times the radius of Saturn, and is thought to originate from micrometeoroid impacts on Phoebe, which orbits at an average distance of 215 Saturn radii. The ring material should thus share Phoebe's retrograde orbital motion, and after migrating inward would encounter Iapetus's leading face, which could explain the two-faced nature of this satellite. I took this from Wikipedia, it doesn't matter as long as you understand it. Don't understand? Basically it means that this new ring, Phoebe, is tilted about 27 degrees from its other rings. And Iapetus is one of Saturn's moons, and from Earth, Iapetus looks half black, half white, like the yin yang symbol. Phoebe orbits Saturn in the opposite direction that Iapetus orbits Saturn, so all that dust and rock in Phoebe hits one half of Iapetus, giving it a 'two-faced nature'. Here're some pics I took from CNN and Wikipedia:

This is Iapetus, you can see the dark side of the moon on the right side of the picture.

And this is Phoebe, the huge ring around Saturn, which is the tiny dot in the centre.

New blog title

I thought ‘Rags and Bones’ was getting old, so changed it to this. Nice?

New blogskin

Now that Elim isn’t using this blogskin anymore, I thought I could use it. Looks kinda nice, don’tcha think?

Teachers’ Day Henry Park GEP 2007 Reunion

Yesterday, (almost) the whole GEP 2007 Henry Park batch met up for a reunion. The plan was to… well… um… most of us had this idea that we were going to Holland V for lunch after meeting all the teachers (haha everyone looks the same), but then someone brought up Pandan Valley, saying that it had a cafe and that we could play there after eating. But then we went to Holland V anyway, saying that we could always go to Pandan Valley after lunch. After we got to Holland V, I learned something very important. Whenever you have lunch with a lot of people, never go to a place with a lot of choice. While walking along the road, some people were “Oh, look! NYDC! That place is good…” or “Sushi Tei! The food isn’t bad and it’s not too expensive.” But we finally went to Subway, while another small group went to BK. We took a bus to Pandan Valley, then watched Ken do some magic tricks with cards that let you learn Chinese at the same time (I don’t get it either). Then we played Murder/Murderer/whatever it’s called. I was supposed to be home at 2, but I saw the time only at 2. Then it started raining. So I went home late. My mum wasn’t too happy, but she was ok afterwards.

Anyway, why I posted this was that, even though you’ve known all these guys (and girls) for about 3 years, you don’t really feel that connection anymore. Even though you may be in the same school now, it still doesn’t make much of a difference. Hmmm we should meet up during the Dec hols again. And maybe at a more fun location. I like rock climbing…

Happy B’day, Jinj Yang!

A Quote

"Dream as if you'll live forever, live as though you'll die today"
- James Dean