Is it me, or is Twitter just dumb?

I mean, who cares what you’re doing? And the worst part is, there are people who are actually OBSESSED with tweeting. Here’s what a typical OBSESSED Tweeter’s Twitter page looks like:

7:04 am Getting up
7:10 am Brushing teeth
7:16 am Making coffee
7:20 am Eating cereal
7:32 am Showering
7:46 am Getting dressed
8:08 am Driving to work
8:23 am Entering office
8:38 am Starting work
9:06 am Playing games Working (hard)

Wow. The guy has a waterproof laptop. Anyway, back to what I was saying. So, who really cares what you’re doing every millisecond of the day? It’s bad enough to login to Facebook and having to read through every status update, random quiz result and note of your friends. So guys, don’t join Twitter just because every person in your social circle is doing it. It’s just going to be a major waste of your time…

But I like Twitter, even though it’s dumb. Hehehe…smile_tongue

Special Boy With Freakishly Large Brain Wins Spelling Bee

Here’s a “funny” video about a gifted kid who won a spelling bee. I didn’t find it funny.

Comments greatly appreciated.

GoOgLe WaVe!

Yay! Google Wave is going to come out this year! What is it? Well, Google Wave is something like Facebook, except a LOT better. Ok, not really like Facebook. It's kind of like a mix of Facebook and Windows Live Messenger. Basically, it's social networking where you can be chatting with a person, and at the same time drag another person into the convo, share pictures. And best of all, it's Open Source! So you can add stuff to Google Wave like games, widgets, etc. Well, I don't know much about it yet, but to find out more, click on the title of this blog post.

Annual Camp Photos!

Ok, seeing as my description wasn't enough to actually create a mental image of the structrure, I decided to put up a few photos here. It doesn't look 4 metres, but IT IS.

YT 4 metres above the ground with no safety harness and only 2 poles to hold on to, with his feet and 2 flimsy-ish poles.

Me stoning up on the structure one evening. I was up there for an hour, John said.

Climbing up to tighten knots

Annual Camp!

On Monday, I went to RJ for 01 Scouts' Annual Camp 2009! This was supposed to be a 'fun' camp, so we could bring handphones, iPods, etc. So basically the idea was to set up a campsite, with a sleeping tent and kitchen tent for each patrol (Kestrel, Eagle, Hawk, Owl, Falcon and Kingfisher), and a structure made of poles in front of the tent (no photos, sorry). Overall, the camp was real nice except for the fact that I managed to get the structure to fall on my knee (I got totally owned after that. It kept hurting randomly), kept getting heartburn, etc, etc. The food was really good, considering the fact that we cooked it ourselves. We had black pepper chicken, fried rice, srambled eggs, french toast, and a lot more stuff. But what I'm really proud of is our structure, cos it was really tall (about 3-4m I think), and had a pulley system at the top which let you pull yourself across. Lotsa people said they were damn scared up there, and I have no idea why. Cmon, it's just 4 metres! Oh wait. No safety harness. Anyways, whenever I went up, I tied a rope to my waist, just to be sure. No, it's not stupid, cos I fell off almost twice. Then we had to climb up and tighten our knots. Very easy, you say? The problem is, we have only 2 hands. So with 1 hand holding on to the structure, the other doing the knot, the knot doesn't really get tightened. So I tied myself to the structure, leaving both my hands free to tie the knot. Then on Thursday, I started getting heartburn, so Mr Tan discussed with my mum and so I went home 1 day early. Ah well, nothing else to say.

A Quote

"Dream as if you'll live forever, live as though you'll die today"
- James Dean