Sorry for not posting till Saturday, but anyway, last Monday I'd gone to school to get that award for Literary Activities and not many people came. Just a handful of parents, most of the students and the awardees. Then they call up the awardees, say a few lies about us, then give us a certificate, a trophy and a cash prize. It wasn't anything flashy, but it was good anyway. Everyone was like "omg it's glass!" If I'd told them it was acrylic, they'd have given a blank stare. So I didn't bother. So for getting that thing, my mum gave me a watch. Turns out that she'd already bought it ages ago in Singapore, and was gonna give it to me when I'd done something worthy of getting that watch. It's solar-powered and it has a database to store 30 contacts. She gave my sister a watch too, but that's another story...

No posting

Sorry guys, but I won't be posting till next Thursday, as I have exams for a week. Sorry for the inconvenience.


So I had gone to Coimbatore over the weekend, to do a medical check-up. After the check-up, I went over to mom's house to spend the night (and the next 2 days). And guess what? They'd bought a puppy! Her name is Betsy, she's an Alsatian and she's exactly 70 days old today. Betsy's named after another dog that was in one of my mom's cousin's farm. She has these mood swings, which is kinda unusual for a puppy... She will suddenly open her mouth wide and try to bite you while you're stroking her. Or she could just chase after you and bite you. She bit me twice on the calf, but it didn't hurt, so I guess she was just playing.

She has her own area on the second level of the house (the terrace). It's where she has her meals and plays with us. Talking about meals, she has this weird habit of toppling over her water bowl when she's not thirsty and then lie down in the spilt water. Whenever we bring her downstairs she goes and lies down underneath a car. So we start running away from her and she automatically gets up and starts chasing us. When we set her down in the lawn after a meal or after when she's been eating bugs, or cement (yeah, she did that once) she starts eating grass. My dad says it makes her automatically throw up and get out all those bugs and cement. Then she runs like a madog (mad + dog = madog) all over the lawn. In the sandpit, she starts digging like h-ll. I think that's all I can say about her, so here's a photo of her:


As the pic shows, her fav place is under the swing.


So today, after a totally uneventful morning (ask Naman and he'll tell u otherwise (but don't, anyway)), I wuz called up by some 10th std (equiv of sec 4) guy and he told me and this other girl in my class to go downstairs. There wuz a teacher there and he took us up to the Director of Academics room and she gave us a briefing abt an award we were gonna get on Monday. Different students were getting it for different reasons, some got for Academics, some for Athletics, some for Music. I knew I was gonna get the award beforehand, and I thought I'd get it for Academics, having topped my class twice in the previous tests/exams.



Traffic in India

I was saving this for something special, but here goes:

There are many things that India has to be proud of, such as our heritage, culture, and cuisine. But, I can guarantee you that the state of our traffic is not on the list. While driving, the only thought Indians have on their mind is to go from Point A to Point B and back in the quickest time possible. The safety of others is not important to them. Talking on the phone while driving and blowing the horn to break up traffic jams (sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it?) are just some items on the list of characteristics of Indian driving.

If you go to other countries such as the USA, UK, and Australia, people obey the traffic rules, which in turn results in minimal traffic jams. In India, obeying the traffic rules is dangerous! Drivers drive wherever they want, left or right, it doesn’t matter.

Another thing on Indian roads is the corruption. “Corruption?” you may ask. Yes, corruption. The traffic police will stop anyone for anything, just to make some extra money. They will ‘fine’ you for speeding, and then pocket the money for themselves. In other words, the drivers bribe the police not to book them.

When an ambulance is seen making a turn, a vehicle will definitely go on the other side of the ambulance because in that way, that vehicle can reach its destination much faster. Next is the condition of the roads. Indian roads are FULL of potholes, ranging from the size of a tyre to about 3 feet wide. The roads, apparently, are not only for vehicles, but for animals such as goats and cows as well. While driving on village roads, you may see a huge flock of goats moving at a speed of half a kilometre an hour, with a small boy carrying a stick behind them. Blow your horn once, and the boy will turn around, see you, then raise his stick and wave it in the direction of the goats. Like a magic wand, the goats miraculously move away from the road. Even on the city roads, you may see a cow taking an afternoon nap in the middle of the road, which is, many times, one of the causes for traffic jams.

Now, let us take a break from finding fault with the drivers and see how we can improve Indian traffic.

1. Why are Indian drivers in such a hurry all the time? They leave home late, and so they have to get there in the shortest time possible.
Solution: Leave home well in advance.

2. Why do Indian traffic police accept bribes? So that they can make money for themselves.
Solution: When you are caught for something, pay the fine and ask for a receipt.

3. Why are Indian roads full of potholes? Because of the poor quality of the materials used to make the roads.
Solution: The government should take more care while giving tenders.

4. Why are cows seen in the middle of the road? Because of their owners leaving them there.
Solution: A fine for the owners of the animals. They should leave the animals to graze in considerably safer areas, far, far away from the roads.

My mum told me not to post this till I had submitted it for the school mag, but seeing as I have done so...

P.S. Being in India, I wrote this in the point of view of an Indian.

Finished at last!

After like, 2 weeks, I finally finished my geography project. I had to write 6 sections (Location & Extent, Physical Divisions, Political Divisions, Climate, Wildlife and Vegetation, and Culture) along with a conclusion, bibliography, and acknowledgements. I had to write about 1 of these 5 South Asian countries: India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal or Sri Lanka. Oh, you may think I chose India, seeing as it is the easiest to do, being in India. Nope. I don't take the easy way out *coughcoughyesIdo*, and so I took Pakistan. You know, Pakistan isn't all that bad. It is quite a nice country. Have to go there one day...

It's all over...

After 62 hours, it's all over. 195 are dead, 327 are injured. And just 40 young men in their late teens and twenties caused these attacks. Among the killed, several are Americans, 1 is Japanese, 1 is German, and a few are British. A Singaporean, too, is one of the dead. Lo Hwei Yen, a lawyer in Singapore, was killed in the Oberoi-Trident hotel. Singapore, a security-conscious island state, is shocked by this incident. The terrorists had threatened to harm her if the Indian authorities entered the hotel.

Now, all the terrorists are dead, except one 18-year-old who has been spilling the beans to the Indian authorities and has said that this attack had been planned 6 months earlier (whoa). He also said that he had been given orders to shoot as many as possible. He was armed with an AK-47 and was at the Chhatrapathi Sivaji Terminus Railway Station. So young, and yet such an efficient killer...

The captured killer

India's 9/11?

Looking at the recent events, I see how that everything, and I mean everything, is somehow related to politics. Politicians are obviously the root cause for all these attacks. They live in bungalows and terrace houses, while there are police officers and soldiers giving their lives up just so that we can sleep peacefully at night. And another thing. When there were the train bomb blasts in Mumbai 2 years back, all the commotion died down within 8 hours. When there were bomb blasts in Bangalore a couple of months back, all the hubbub subsided within a day or two. People just forget about things that they must remember and make sure it doesn't happen again! Instead, what happens? They do not carry out any preventive measures so that they are prepared the next time, but instead let it happen over and over and over again!

During an encounter last month or something in Delhi, a police officer by the name of MC Sharma gave his life by taking bullets in the chest. Have you heard anything about his wife now? Today, 3 brilliant officers have given their lives.

Hemant Karkare, the Mumbai Anti-Terrorism Squad Chief, died last night by taking 3 bullets in the chest. Unlike other corrupt officials, he was leading his men (only about 2 were wearing bullet-proof vests) and not huddling behind the last man for protection. What will happen to his family? Over the next few days, there will be few photos of his crying family members (just as what happened to MC Sharma's wife), and after that, nothing.

Ashok Kamte, the Additional Commissioner of Mumbai Police, was killed while fighting terrorists in the Mumbai Attacks. He, along with Hemant Karkare, will be forgotten. Like them, I am sure there are many others to come.

As for the Mumbai attacks being India's 9/11, I do see many similarities. Both Manhattan Island and Mumbai are major financial centres of their respective countries. But I don't care about the similarities of the attacks. I want to see a similarity in how the Indian government responds to these attacks, just as the USA did. They should see that they are ready for another attack. Yes, you may be wondering why I don't want India to eradicate terrorism and just prevent an attack. It's not that I don't want it, it's just that it's not possible at this point in time! That's the nature of terrorism, ladies and gentlemen! It just can be eradicated. The most we can do at this point in time is to make sure another attack doesn't happen!

There is no use blaming Pakistanis for what has taken place today. We cannot use the small percentage of them as a stereotype for all Pakistanis.

The politicians are currently making all the decisions. They did not give the Army and NSG the go ahead for them to go in. If emergency rule had been brought in, this whole affair would have ended much earlier.

Mumbai Blasts

My dad sometimes, in the morning, turns on the TV to watch CNN. And guess what? There were like 4 bomb blasts (as I'm writing this, there have been 10) in Mumbai!

Turns out that these terrorists, from a group called Deccan Mujahideen (sounds new), a branch of another terrorist group called Indian Mujahideen (another new one). 6 places were/are under terrorist attacks. The Taj Hotel, Oberoi Trident (another hotel), CST Railway station, Café Leopold, Cama Hospital and Nariman Point. My mum says that these guys (aged only like 20-25) barged into the Café and just started firing (btw, they have AK-47s, hand grenades, etc.). Then they rounded up ppl with American or British passports.

As for the hotels, there are still hostages (about 80 in just one of them) in them, with terrorists. There is smoke billowing out the windows, fires, and gunshots are being heard every 10 mins. The NSG (National Security Guard) is moving up the hotel and they directly under the room where the terrorists and hostages are. On a news channel, they had this guy, called Deepak (no offence, Deep) who was trapped in the Taj Hotel, was on the phone with these news people and is saying stuff like "I'm below the 18th floor, above the 10th, not too high, not too low"! What if the terrorists found out?

My mum also says that there are officials from the Singapore Embassy standing under one of the hotels. Diplomats trapped inside, maybe? 

To look at pics, visit this URL: Don't tell them you're a Brit

Who Am I?

That question just occurred to me... and well... I don't seem to know the answer. First I thought: Tharun. But that's just a name. It's simply a way to... I can't put this in words, but I guess it's just a word used to um... describe(?) me. Ok, I need to get better at putting stuff into sentences. Ok back to who I am. Well I guess who I am is something I and only I have, or am. Which apparently, I don't. I am a boy, but there are others (duh!). I am a brother, a son, a grandson, a nephew, etc, but that isn't it. Well, if I put all my qualities together, then I would be 'unique'. But what I am looking for is a word or two that will say it all.

But... what is it? I have absolutely no idea.

This leads me to another question: What am I here for? (to be discussed in another blog post)

Well, maybe I have an answer to who I am, but it can't be expressed in words. I just don't know how to say it. Languages are sooo limited...

Deepak's visit

Today Deepak came to visit (along with Devika, his cousin Nithya, his mum, and his dad)! Yay! I hadn't seen the Skatezoners for almost half a year now, and then Deepak came. Differences:

  1. He's much taller now. Though I hear Arunima is still taller than him.
  2. His voice is breaking. Singtel really made his voice sound overly manly.
  3. Overuse of 'I'm sure'

So we kinda mostly played on the com, which I feel bad about even now, and then we went and played in the 'huge area', as Deepak's mom put it, downstairs. Deepak's as good at swinging as ever, I did a chin-up with great difficulty, and I raced with him. Guess who won? *Answer in the tagbox* Then we came back up to take the table-tennis bats and on the way, we talked about Singapore, India, and stalagmites (sounds real random, eh?). But we got to the clubhouse, and the table was already occupied. So we went back home to play more on the com. Then his dad came, we talked for a while, went to the basement, talked about car, and sent them off. He's going to Thrissur on Monday, and is coming back here on the 13th of Dec, and his mom said we can have sleepover (that's a girl term. I dunno what boys call it).

Another attack...

According to reliable sources (Arunima), the Security Guard has struck again. At a recent Skatezone party at Varsity Park (without me), it was decided that a game of DC (Double - Crossing) would be played (without me). So while they were playing (without me), they were making quite a helluva racket (without me). And then they saw him (without me (phew)). The Security Guard. Whatever happened next... is a blur.

Witnesses are requested to give a first-hand account of the incident.

Poo Man Escapes

This took place in 2006, but I just saw it. Hilarious. According to crime reporter Leon Watson,

A homeless man facing jail for causing more than 20 000 GBP damage by defecating on trains has ‘done a runner’.

Mr Bonney Eberendu, 36, was awaiting sentence when he escaped from a London hospital on Tuesday.

He had earlier admitted charges of causing criminal damage across South London’s railway network.

Mr. Eberendu was arrested by police in October after he was spotted at Camberwell Green bus garage.

It followed 22 incidents on trains bound for London Bridge and Waterloo, on which human excrement was found smeared over the seats and tables.

Mr. Eberendu’s three-month campaign of smearing human excrement inside the carriages posed a serious risk to public health and cost more than 20 000 GBP to clean up.

He had also been charged with possessing an offensive weapon — a knife.

At the time he absconded, Eberendu was undergoing a mental health assessment before his sentencing hearing, which is expected to take place later this month.

Anyone who has spotted him should call British Transport Police on 080 040 5040.

Here's a pic of the newspaper article:

Movies of 2009

My Hit-list:

  1. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
       Harry is back at another year at Hogwarts. He has to learn about Voldemort's past and how to defeat him. Will he succeed? (Duh he will. I read the book. Though someone sacrifices themself)

  2. Star Trek
       I don't really know much about this, but I guess I should watch it, all the same.

  3. X-Men Origins: Wolverine
       This movie is gonna be awesome. It's all about how Wolverine, the best X-Man in my opinion, came to be.
  4. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
       Judging by the title, looks like the Decepticons are back.

  5. Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs
       Oooooooh! A 3rd one!

    There are a lot more, like Pink Panther 2, Dorian Gray, Sherlock Holmes, etc., but they're last resorts.


You see them everywhere. Malls. Apartments. Libraries. Shops. Who are they? Yes, you may have guessed. They are: SECURITY GUARDS! (dah-dah-dahhh!) Who, or what, are these creatures? Some say they are near human, but I doubt it. Having had some personal experience with them (does the term 'Ridgewood' ring a bell?), I think I would be able able to give a first-hand account about them, even though there is a chance that this would be my last post if the King of the Security Guards found out.

The Security Guards' sole purpose is to guard places from thieves and such. So, they do have their advantages. But, they have a Dark Side as well. It all started one day, I don't really remember when, but it must have been somewhere in 2005, when Skatezone was a newly-formed group. We were at one of our first few parties, and having quite a helluva time, and making quite a bit of noise, when we saw it. It was him. The Security Guard.

In India, the security guards are exceptionally funny (not to mention that  they might have a screw or two loose in the head). They will blow their whistle for practically everything. And now we shall have a special show by the TBC (Tharun Broadcasting Company): Inside the Mind of a Security Guard.

Brain to lungs: Eyes report that they see a car about to enter the apartment. Blow.
Brain to lungs:
Eyes report that they see car having gone over a hump. Blow.
Brain to lungs: Eyes report that they see car having entered the basement. Blow.
Brain to lungs: Eyes report that they see a car parking. Blow.

Brain to rest of body: Eyes report that they see kids having fun. Interrupt them in any way possible.
Brain to rest of body: Eyes report that they see 30-year-olds climbing a flagpole. Don't do anything. I repeat: DO NOT DO ANYTHING.

And that brings us to an end of our special programme from TBC. Thank you very much and good night.

Label Cloud

Hey guys! Did you see the new label cloud I've put up? To get your own, go to:

Book: The Village by The Sea

This book is written by an Indian author, Anita Desai. She's now an old woman.

The book kinda gets the message about rural India across, but I'm just 13, so I don't really get what she's [Anita Desai] trying to say. It's probably about the differences between city kids and village children [note that I say 'kids' and 'children']. We talk about not getting the 4th-gen nano (hint, hint, Tanya) while they toil all day to get a meagre salary.


Hari and Lila are a brother and sister who live in the village Thul with their two sisters, Bela and Kamal, and their parents. Their mother is bedridden and their father, gone every night to the toddy shop, doesn’t seem to help as he is forever drunk.

Only Bela and Kamal go to school. Hari dropped out of school a few years back as he could not afford to pay the school fees. The entire village makes a living by fishing, but Hari’s family, being poor, can’t afford a boat. Instead, Hari climbs coconut trees and sells coconuts in the market. One day, Hari sees a site for a factory being laid and finds out that there is going to be a huge fertilizer complex stretching from Thul to Vaishet. There are soon lots of protests as these factories will release waste into the sea, polluting it and killing all the fish, which will eventually result in the loss of the villagers’ livelihood.

The villagers from Alibagh and Thul then decide to sail to Bombay, to give a petition to the Chief Minister saying that they will not part with their land. Hari follows them as well. Upon reaching Bombay, he realizes that he could stay here and make a living. Back in Thul, there is a house owned by a family called the de Silvas, who live in Bombay. They had given Hari their address. He goes there, but they have gone back to Thul. The security guard of their apartment leads Hari to a man called Jagu, who gives him a meal and a job at his restaurant, the Sri Krishna Eating House.

In Thul, Lila tells Mr. de Silva about her mother’s sickness and he immediately brings her to the hospital in Alibagh and agrees to pay for her treatment. When Lila’s father finds out, he gets angry and immediately leaves for Alibagh. The next time Lila visited her mother; she finds her father there and notices that he has given up drinking.

Meanwhile, in Bombay, Hari has taken up another job with the watchmender, Mr Panwallah. He teaches him how to mend watches and it is here that the monsoon starts. After earning enough, Hari returns to Thul by bus and meets his family the day before Diwali. He finds out about his mother and father. He goes to Alibagh to bring his mother and father home and they all celebrate Diwali together the next day with fireworks, sparklers, bonfires, Catherine wheels and bull races. In the end, their mother is well enough to go to the shrine in the sea with the other village women.

I would also like to mention that this is the longest post ever.

Aqua Regia

Today was horrible. First I had to wake up early to go to the quiz. Then I had to stand in a LONG queue. Then finally Rohit came and then we registered. Then I realised I had forgotten to bring a clipboard. Then we didn't know almost half of the answers. And Rohit told me one or two answers, I didn't believe him, and they turned out to be correct! I felt like such an idiot. And guess what? We weren't selected (no surprises there)! I was really upset, but now I kinda forgot about it. Ah well, there's always next year...

Children's Day Celebrations

I went to school at 8-ish, and there was a programme in the morning. There were these teachers dancing to 'Itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny-yellow polka-dot bikini'. Then the teachers invited students up on stage for some fancy-dress competition. And then.... came food. I ate chicken kebabs, french fries, ice cream, and drank loads of apple and mango juice. I was stuffed. So, in conclusion,  I would like to thank Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru for saying a fancy line about children, and in result making Children's Day be celebrated every year.

Children's Day in India

Children's Day here is celebrated on 14 Nov, unlike in Singapore where it is celebrated on 1 Oct. It's celebrated on that day cos' it's the birthday of a guy called Nehru, who was India's first Prime Minister. I have to go to school wearing a costume for a competition, and so does Tanya. I don't bother, but Tanya insists. Girls will be girls...



An old man went to a railroad,
Where a passing train got him mowed.
The deaths were fifty,
They all died horribly,
And to their heavenly abode.


There was a young man from India,
Who drove as though he was a Raja,
Careless was his driving,
His car went exploding,
And he flew all the way to Russia.


There was once a man from South Spain,
Who ate some burgers on a lane,
But they contained lead,
And he dropped down dead,
And the man got caught in the rain.

Tanya's Mis-singing

Today, Tanya sang Abba's Mamma Mia (There's a fire within my soul) as: There's a fire within my school!

My Speech

"And now we have Tharun with the story of the day"

Tharun walked forward slowly. He stepped up to the podium. He stepped on a raised platform to raise his height and he said:

Good morning.

A frail old man went to live with his son, daughter-in-law, and a four-year old grandson. The old man's hands trembled, his eyesight was ....................... Today, and everyday.

Thank you.

There was applause and Tharun stepped off the stage. The Director of Academics went onto the stage and said....

Continuation of story in Gen I way:

She said some corny stuff about my story and said something to the school, I don't really remember. But it was a cool experience.

My teacher told me to come up with a moral story to narrate at assembly, so after searching countless websites, I found this story. Normally it's the teachers who say these stories, but this time, I got chosen.

Harry Potter Spells

Forgive me for spelling errors. For the descriptions of the spells, go to:

1. Accio (Summoning Charm)
2. (Age-Line Spell)
3. Aguamenti (Aguamenti Charm)
4. Alohomora
5. Anapneo
6. (Anti-Cheating Spell)
7. (Anti-Disapparation Jinx)
8. (Antonin Dolohov's Curse) – Order of the Phoenix (Slashing movement)
9. Aparecium
10. (Atmospheric Charm)
11. Avada Kedavra (Killing Curse)
12. Avis
13. (Babbling Curse)
14. (Banishing Charm)
15. (Bat-Bogey Hex)
16. (Bedazzling Hex)
17. (Bubble-Head Charm)
18. (Caterwauling Charm)
19. Cave Inimicum
20. (Cheering Charm)
21. Colloportus
22. (Colour-Change Charm)
23. Confringo (Blasting Curse)
24. Confundo (Confundus Charm)
25. (Conjunctivitus Curse)
26. Crucio (Cruciatus Curse)
27. (Cushioning Charm)
28. Defodio (Gouging Spell)
29. Deletrius
30. Densaugeo
31. Deprimo
32. Descendo
33. Diffindo (Severing Charm)
34. (Disillusionment Charm)
35. Dissendium
36. Duro
37. Engorgio (Engorgement Charm)
38. (Entrail-Expelling Curse)
39. Episkey
40. Erecto
41. Evanesco (Vanishing Spell)
42. Expecto Patronum (Patronus Charm)
43. Expelliarmus (Disarming Charm)
44. Expulso
45. Ferula
46. (Fidelius Charm)
47. (Fiendfyre)
48. Finite Incantatem
49. Flagrate
50. (Flagrante Curse)
51. (Flame-Freezing Charm)
52. (Flying Charm)
53. Furnuncular (Furnunculus Curse)
54. Geminio
55. Glisseo
56. (Gripping Charm)
57. (Hover Charm)
58. (Hair-Thickening Charm)
59. Homenum Revelio
60. (Homorphus Charm)
61. (Horton-Keitch Braking Charm)
62. (Hurling Hex)
63. Impedimenta (Impediment Jinx, Impediment Curse)
64. Imperio (Imperius Curse)
65. (Imperturbable Charm)
66. Impervius (Impervius Charm)
67. Incarcerous
68. Incendio
69. (Intruder Charm)
70. (Jelly-Legs Jinx)
71. (Jelly-Brain Jinx)
72. (Jelly-Fingers Curse)
73. (Knee-Reversal Hex)
74. Langlock
75. Legilimens
76. Levicorpus
77. Liberacorpus
78. Locomotor-
79. Locomotor Mortis (Leg-Locker Curse)
80. Lumos
81. Meteolojinx Recanto
82. Mobiliarbus
83. Mobilicorpus
84. Morsmordre (Dark Mark)
85. Muffliato
86. Nox
87. (Obliteration Charm)
88. Obliviate (Memory Charm, Memory-Modifying Charm)
89. Obscuro
90. Oppugno
91. Orchideous
92. Pack
93. (Permanent Sticking Charm)
94. Petrificus Totalus (Body-Bind Curse)
95. Peskipiksi Pesternomi
96. Piertotum Locomotor
97. (Placement Charm)
98. Point Me (Four-Point Spell)
99. Portus
100. Prior Incantato
101. (Protean Charm)
102. Protego (Shield Charm)
103. Protego Horribilis
104. Protego Totalum
105. Quietus
106. Reducio
107. Reducto (Reductor Curse)
108. (Refilling Charm)
109. Relashio
110. Rennervate
111. Reparo
112. Repello Muggletum (Muggle-Repelling Charm)
113. Rictusempra (Tickling Charm)
114. Riddikulus
115. Salvio Hexia
116. Scourgify (Scouring Charm)
117. Sectumsempra
118. Serpensortia
119. Silencio (Silencing Charm)
120. (Slug-Vomiting Charm)
121. Sonorus
122. Specialis Revelio (Scarpin's Revelaspell)
123. (Stealth Sensoring Spell)
124. (Stinging Hex, Stinging Jinx)
125. Stupefy (Stunning Spell, Stupefying Charm, Stunner)
126. (Supersensory Charm)
127. (Switching Spell)
128. (Taboo)
129. Tarantallegra
130. Tergeo
131. (Tongue-Tying Curse)
132. (Transmogrifian Torture)
133. (Trip Jinx)
134. (Unbreakable Vow)
135. (Undetectable Extension Charm)
136. (Unbreakable Charm)
137. Waddiwasi
138. Wingardium Leviosa (Levitation Charm)

Porro Ago Harry Potter (Long live Harry Potter)

Indian Ads...

'Center Fresh'
Boy: Daddy! For you.
(Dad takes and eats)
Boy: Daddy, my report card. I failed again.
(Then the dad, smiles, slaps, etc)

'Center Fruit'

'Center Fresh' (2)

Day out

Today, we went out from morning till evening. It wasn't that bad, actually. First we went to a place called Cubbon Park (must be named after some ang mor). Well, basically it was a park, so was quite boring, lah! Then we went to an art gallery. It wasn't as boring as I expected, though. They had paintings of animals and stuff. You see, when we entered, there was a power failure (as usual), and guess what? One of the pictures looked better in the dark than it did when the lights were on! Then we went to have lunch and Tanya and me played in an arcade in India for  the very first time! Wasn't that bad. There a racing one called 'Fast and Furious', which was better than the ones in S' pore. But the biking one was the same.

Coming up next... Indian ads.

Indian Ads for Phones

'MotoYUVA A810'

'MotoYUVA W270'

Aqua Regia

Yay me! I got selected by my school to represent the school for a science quiz! It's a nationwide quiz, called Aqua Regia. Translated, it means 'royal water' in Latin. Aqua Regia is supposed to be able to dissolve GOLD! It's a mixture of nitric acid and hydrochloric acid, in the ratio of 1:3. 
OK, now that we've had a very enriching chemistry lesson, let's get back to to the quiz. Me and my teammate, Rohit (he's from the US), wrote a prelim round and now we have to go to the City Finals at this place call ed Ambedkar Bhavan. The only thing I know about Ambedkar is that he wore specs. I'm excited! And nervous. And scared. Wish me luck.

Arvadek Adava!

I left my blog untouched for 5 months and 1 day. I guess I must've broken a record. Does anyone have Guinness' phone number?

Can anyone guess what Arvadek Adava is? Its 'Avada Kedavra' backwards! But then again, HP spells don't work that way, do they? Talking about HP, did you know that a few weeks back, I thought that they were the worst, most stupid and senseless book I had ever read. But after watching the HP movies on Pogo, it all came rushing back to me. Strange, eh? Maybe I need some kind of visual stimulation to boost my memory. I've actually forgotten half of all the spells! Mebbe the next post should give a list of HP spells. Please contribute, then I'll make it into a Word.doc (then can chain mail, lol)

Dying Blog

Sorry for not updating the blog (again). Thanks to Aru for reminding me (and Deep too). I came back from my mother's hometown cause my great-grandfather (rest him) passed away. I still haven't gotten anything for HF for her b'day, maybe something on iTunes? I know she has an iPod, but I dunno which music CDs she has. Maybe I could get her an audiobook, but the real book would be better. HF, if you're reading this, tell me what you want and make sure it's available on iTunes

Yesterday was World Environment Day (WED), and I saw the most ironic thing ever on TV. Cartoon Network was advertising its WED special of Ben 10, 6 shows back-to-back! Wouldn't that be wasting electricity (3 whole hours!)??? My mom only lets me watch 2 shows a day, so I watch the Wizards of Waverly Place and The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. Okay, back to WED. Here's a comic strip I found a few years back.


There's actually a whole series of Rustle the Leaf, which you can see on this website.

Dead blog

Sorry guys for not updating my blog, cos i kinda forgot abt it and all... and I was busy helping to pack too. But I reached Bangalore last night, and here I am, blogging again. I got my laptop plugged into the TV in my room, so its extra big. There are three rooms in the flat: the master bedroom (where my parents sleep, obviously...), a slightly smaller room, and the smallest room (mine). OAOS got the bigger room cos she has to share it wid my grandma (heh). I really need to get my room cleaned up... It's a mess. Ah well, need to go clean the room! BB.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Sorry for not writing yesterday, but who cares? Today was DA BEST! I can't believe that I actually got a Merit Award for the Tan Kah Kee! I am SO SURPRISED! But the problem is, both the rehearsal and the actual ceremony thingy itself is after May 19th. June 20th and 21st, in fact. But my dad says we could try to come back for those 2 days. So yay. Oh and I went to support RI in a rugby match against ACS(I) (man, I hate them). And we LOST! Well, actually it doesn't really matter cos the last time we got into the finals was 17 years ago. And the score was only 15-11, so 1 more touchdown and could've won.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Hi all. Today was kinda interesting. I woke up at about 6.30 to go to Mustafa to shop for George's farewell present and Deep's birthday gift (which was more than a week ago). I got both of them a ...*static sounds...pshhhhh* and then we bought rice and went home.  We were all very tired, so we took some rest and then I went to study math. Then after that I watched a bit of Monty Python and took a nap.

*We apologise for the cut-off of the blog entry above. We now receive breaking news that this was done intentionally by me (of course) and that he did so to protect 'important information' from two people, namely George and Deep.*

Here's another Monty Python video called 'The Funniest Joke in the World'.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Nothing really interesting happened today. Today is International Friendship Day, so we had a performance from the scholars that took up one whole hour. We were supposed to have a physical fitness test today, but I haven't been exercising too much, so good for meSmile. After that we had biology, and we were discussing antibiotics and how they work and about cell division, etc. That was quite interesting.Then we had recess, I watched a bit of Monty Python on my iPod. Then it was Research Ed, we had a lecture, so just took some notes there. Tamil was ok, just had to summarise a chapter of a book and read it aloud. After that I went back home and had lunch. Then I went back to school to the library and borrowed 'The Pursuit of Happyness". I watched only a bit, but it was a nice movie, from what I watched. Then I borrowed 4 books and went back home. I Red heart reading by the way.

I know this post has been boring, so I have uploaded a funny Monty Python video to make up for it. Enjoy!


Hi all,

Welcome to my blog, Rags & Bones. Reason for giving it such a weird name? Well, this blog has no real focus (poems, photos, music, movies, etc). Perhaps in the future something might develop. It's mostly just like an online diary. I'm kinda new to the blogging thing, so help me wherever you can. Have a good time.

A Quote

"Dream as if you'll live forever, live as though you'll die today"
- James Dean