Sorry for not posting till Saturday, but anyway, last Monday I'd gone to school to get that award for Literary Activities and not many people came. Just a handful of parents, most of the students and the awardees. Then they call up the awardees, say a few lies about us, then give us a certificate, a trophy and a cash prize. It wasn't anything flashy, but it was good anyway. Everyone was like "omg it's glass!" If I'd told them it was acrylic, they'd have given a blank stare. So I didn't bother. So for getting that thing, my mum gave me a watch. Turns out that she'd already bought it ages ago in Singapore, and was gonna give it to me when I'd done something worthy of getting that watch. It's solar-powered and it has a database to store 30 contacts. She gave my sister a watch too, but that's another story...

No posting

Sorry guys, but I won't be posting till next Thursday, as I have exams for a week. Sorry for the inconvenience.


So I had gone to Coimbatore over the weekend, to do a medical check-up. After the check-up, I went over to mom's house to spend the night (and the next 2 days). And guess what? They'd bought a puppy! Her name is Betsy, she's an Alsatian and she's exactly 70 days old today. Betsy's named after another dog that was in one of my mom's cousin's farm. She has these mood swings, which is kinda unusual for a puppy... She will suddenly open her mouth wide and try to bite you while you're stroking her. Or she could just chase after you and bite you. She bit me twice on the calf, but it didn't hurt, so I guess she was just playing.

She has her own area on the second level of the house (the terrace). It's where she has her meals and plays with us. Talking about meals, she has this weird habit of toppling over her water bowl when she's not thirsty and then lie down in the spilt water. Whenever we bring her downstairs she goes and lies down underneath a car. So we start running away from her and she automatically gets up and starts chasing us. When we set her down in the lawn after a meal or after when she's been eating bugs, or cement (yeah, she did that once) she starts eating grass. My dad says it makes her automatically throw up and get out all those bugs and cement. Then she runs like a madog (mad + dog = madog) all over the lawn. In the sandpit, she starts digging like h-ll. I think that's all I can say about her, so here's a photo of her:


As the pic shows, her fav place is under the swing.


So today, after a totally uneventful morning (ask Naman and he'll tell u otherwise (but don't, anyway)), I wuz called up by some 10th std (equiv of sec 4) guy and he told me and this other girl in my class to go downstairs. There wuz a teacher there and he took us up to the Director of Academics room and she gave us a briefing abt an award we were gonna get on Monday. Different students were getting it for different reasons, some got for Academics, some for Athletics, some for Music. I knew I was gonna get the award beforehand, and I thought I'd get it for Academics, having topped my class twice in the previous tests/exams.



Traffic in India

I was saving this for something special, but here goes:

There are many things that India has to be proud of, such as our heritage, culture, and cuisine. But, I can guarantee you that the state of our traffic is not on the list. While driving, the only thought Indians have on their mind is to go from Point A to Point B and back in the quickest time possible. The safety of others is not important to them. Talking on the phone while driving and blowing the horn to break up traffic jams (sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it?) are just some items on the list of characteristics of Indian driving.

If you go to other countries such as the USA, UK, and Australia, people obey the traffic rules, which in turn results in minimal traffic jams. In India, obeying the traffic rules is dangerous! Drivers drive wherever they want, left or right, it doesn’t matter.

Another thing on Indian roads is the corruption. “Corruption?” you may ask. Yes, corruption. The traffic police will stop anyone for anything, just to make some extra money. They will ‘fine’ you for speeding, and then pocket the money for themselves. In other words, the drivers bribe the police not to book them.

When an ambulance is seen making a turn, a vehicle will definitely go on the other side of the ambulance because in that way, that vehicle can reach its destination much faster. Next is the condition of the roads. Indian roads are FULL of potholes, ranging from the size of a tyre to about 3 feet wide. The roads, apparently, are not only for vehicles, but for animals such as goats and cows as well. While driving on village roads, you may see a huge flock of goats moving at a speed of half a kilometre an hour, with a small boy carrying a stick behind them. Blow your horn once, and the boy will turn around, see you, then raise his stick and wave it in the direction of the goats. Like a magic wand, the goats miraculously move away from the road. Even on the city roads, you may see a cow taking an afternoon nap in the middle of the road, which is, many times, one of the causes for traffic jams.

Now, let us take a break from finding fault with the drivers and see how we can improve Indian traffic.

1. Why are Indian drivers in such a hurry all the time? They leave home late, and so they have to get there in the shortest time possible.
Solution: Leave home well in advance.

2. Why do Indian traffic police accept bribes? So that they can make money for themselves.
Solution: When you are caught for something, pay the fine and ask for a receipt.

3. Why are Indian roads full of potholes? Because of the poor quality of the materials used to make the roads.
Solution: The government should take more care while giving tenders.

4. Why are cows seen in the middle of the road? Because of their owners leaving them there.
Solution: A fine for the owners of the animals. They should leave the animals to graze in considerably safer areas, far, far away from the roads.

My mum told me not to post this till I had submitted it for the school mag, but seeing as I have done so...

P.S. Being in India, I wrote this in the point of view of an Indian.

A Quote

"Dream as if you'll live forever, live as though you'll die today"
- James Dean