On Thursday, the Academic Coordinator called me up on stage and said some stuff which was totally not true (like bringing laurels to the school, etc, etc). Then I got the medal and she made me show it to the school and all... Then they pinned another medal onto me. My teacher told me to keep it on, but I took it off anyway. Here are the medals:



Topper! again

If you look through previous posts, you will see that there is a post entitled "Topper!" Well, good news again! I just found out that I'm not just the topper for India, I'm the topper for South Asia, and most of the Arabian Peninsula!

But then again, everyone's calling me a nerd Nerd (I look nothing like that. My glasses aren't that big, my skin ain't yellow, and I don't have buckteeth that stick out) because of this. One of my teachers came to class and made an announcement. She also said that I'd be receiving a GOLD medal tomorrow, but I don't believe her. The last time I got a medal for UNSW, it was just plated gold (ask around).

A Quote

"Dream as if you'll live forever, live as though you'll die today"
- James Dean