OK. I know some of you may have heard of ThinkQuest, a kind of thingy which is a competition thingy which lets you make project thingies. My group decided to do one on homemade weapons. So we wanted a survey and here's the link below.

For those of you people out there who are related to me, fergeddaboutit.


First of all, apologies.

Recently, I had gone on a trip to this place called Chikkamagalur which is about 7 hours away from Bangalore on a school field trip. We stayed at this place called Woodway Homestay owned by someone who owned a coffee estate of about 300 acres (about 1.2 km2). We didn't do much on the first day except that I was assigned to a dormitory and not a bedroom, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it might be. We all got double-decker beds and I got to sleep on the top, so one afternoon I was bored, so I called over a few friends and jumped from bed to bed as "The Human Mario" with one of my friends singing the theme song. We went on a tour around the owner's coffee estate the next day and guess what? You have to wait for 9 years before the coffee plant actually gives you something! And it has to be between 18 to 30 years old so that its harvest is somewhat stable. That morning, I tried a whole cup of coffee for the first time. One of my friends was like UGH but frankly, I liked it. So helped myself to bit more... and had quite a lot more at night, and then I couldn't sleepYawn. Stupid coffeeCoffee. That was it really. On the bus trip I watched movies on Saif's iPod like Blades of Glory and such. I got some coffee back from Chikkamagalur and I get a cup a week if I keep begging.

Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop With No Keyboard

Haha I think some of you guys may be getting, your hopes up, but this is by Onion News Network, which makes fake but hilarious news reports. Here goes:



I don't know if you guys do, but go visit if you haven't.


Recently, a few events have started me thinking. I've forgotten all but one. Today, I forgot to bring my Math project to school (yes, I had finished itWhistling). My Math period was taken over my mistake by my History teacher. By the time she realised, it was time for the photo-shoot session for the yearbook (I think). Then during the actual History period the History teacher came in again. So I didn't have to submit my Math project today. This has happened quite a number of times. Once, when I was one of the guys with long hair, I wasn't called up. It's happened with many other stuff as well.


I have thought of 3 possibilities:

  1. I'm small and cute and no one has the heart to scold me (I swear, some boys have said this to me).
  2. The principal has given each of my teachers a briefing not to scold me.
  3. I am a future saviour of the world. Everyone knows about this except me. People have been instructed by the Oracle who saw this in the future not to scold me (Godzilla, perhaps?)

What do you think?

Maldives planning to buy a new homeland

Maldivian President, Mohamed Nasheed, says that the gradual rise in sea levels caused by global warming means the Maldives islanders may eventually be forced to resettle elsewhere.

The Maldives is the lowest nation in the world. Its highest land is little more than two metres above sea level.

The United Nations estimates that sea levels may rise globally by nearly 60 centimetres this century.

Devastation fears

The Maldives comprise more than 1,000 islands and coral atolls surrounded by the clear waters of the Indian Ocean.



The white sandy beaches are a major tourist attraction bringing in billions of dollars every year.

Now Mohamed Nasheed, who will be sworn in as the country's first democratically elected president on Tuesday, has said that he will set up a fund to acquire land in other parts of the region.

Mr Nasheed's spokesman, Ibrahim Hussein Zaki, told the BBC's World Today programme that the new government had to take action.

"Global warming and environmental issues are issues of major concern to the Maldivian people. We are just about three feet (0.91 metre) above sea level," Mr Zaki said, speaking from the capital, Male.

"So any sea level rise could have a devastating effect on the people of the Maldives and their very survival".

Similar culture

Over the last century, sea levels around parts of the archipelago rose by nearly 20cm. Mr Nasheed fears that even a small rise could leave some islands inundated.

Mr Nasheed's plan is to create a "sovereign wealth fund" using tourism revenues to buy land so that future generations will have somewhere to rebuild their lives if they have to leave.

He wants somewhere within the region, where the culture is similar - possibly India or Sri Lanka.

His fears is that if he does not take action, the future descendents of the 300,000 islanders could become environmental refugees.

Source: Somewhere in BBC News., me thinks.

Me Talks:

I think this is... funny. Everyone knows that Maldives is a group of islands, so imagine if they bought a place in Bangalore. Your GPS would say stuff like "The Republic of Maldives is approaching. Please keep your passports ready." But what I find put-downing is that Nasheed speaks as though nothing can be done about global warming. It's almost as though he's already given up. Nasheed, if you're reading this (which is most unlikely to happen), please leave your reply in comments or in the tagbox. I hope you're tech-savvy.


I can't believe it. I just went online to check the scores for the UNSW Examination results, and guess what! I was the Indian Topper for the Computer Skills exam! And no one else had as a score as I did (which itself wasn't very high either (37/40)), so I was the only topper for Grade 8. Not only that, I got High Distinctions in every subject (English, Mathematics, Science, Computer Skills (obviously lah)). So when I told my teachers, turned out that they knew about this weeks back and they just wanted to keep it as a surprise for me. But too late. The Great *coffcoff* Tharun outwitted them! Oh I can see you all Not worthying at me. Thank you very much, you may arise.

My Site!

Yay got my own site! I haven't really done up much yet, seeing as I started it sometime yesterday. I haven't got any ideas on what to put up on the "Home" page, so I'm all open for suggestions from you guys. The blog tag redirects us to this page, the gallery has a few (2, to be exact) Flash™ animations. On the "About" page you will find a very biased so called "biography" about myself. On the "Contact" page, you will find links to the other pages plus the time plus some stuff about me EXCEPT my contact details. Must protect my privacy mah! As I said earlier, I'm open to suggestions!

Oops, forgot to tell you the URL.

A Quote

"Dream as if you'll live forever, live as though you'll die today"
- James Dean