Deepak's visit

Today Deepak came to visit (along with Devika, his cousin Nithya, his mum, and his dad)! Yay! I hadn't seen the Skatezoners for almost half a year now, and then Deepak came. Differences:

  1. He's much taller now. Though I hear Arunima is still taller than him.
  2. His voice is breaking. Singtel really made his voice sound overly manly.
  3. Overuse of 'I'm sure'

So we kinda mostly played on the com, which I feel bad about even now, and then we went and played in the 'huge area', as Deepak's mom put it, downstairs. Deepak's as good at swinging as ever, I did a chin-up with great difficulty, and I raced with him. Guess who won? *Answer in the tagbox* Then we came back up to take the table-tennis bats and on the way, we talked about Singapore, India, and stalagmites (sounds real random, eh?). But we got to the clubhouse, and the table was already occupied. So we went back home to play more on the com. Then his dad came, we talked for a while, went to the basement, talked about car, and sent them off. He's going to Thrissur on Monday, and is coming back here on the 13th of Dec, and his mom said we can have sleepover (that's a girl term. I dunno what boys call it).


A Quote

"Dream as if you'll live forever, live as though you'll die today"
- James Dean