India's 9/11?

Looking at the recent events, I see how that everything, and I mean everything, is somehow related to politics. Politicians are obviously the root cause for all these attacks. They live in bungalows and terrace houses, while there are police officers and soldiers giving their lives up just so that we can sleep peacefully at night. And another thing. When there were the train bomb blasts in Mumbai 2 years back, all the commotion died down within 8 hours. When there were bomb blasts in Bangalore a couple of months back, all the hubbub subsided within a day or two. People just forget about things that they must remember and make sure it doesn't happen again! Instead, what happens? They do not carry out any preventive measures so that they are prepared the next time, but instead let it happen over and over and over again!

During an encounter last month or something in Delhi, a police officer by the name of MC Sharma gave his life by taking bullets in the chest. Have you heard anything about his wife now? Today, 3 brilliant officers have given their lives.

Hemant Karkare, the Mumbai Anti-Terrorism Squad Chief, died last night by taking 3 bullets in the chest. Unlike other corrupt officials, he was leading his men (only about 2 were wearing bullet-proof vests) and not huddling behind the last man for protection. What will happen to his family? Over the next few days, there will be few photos of his crying family members (just as what happened to MC Sharma's wife), and after that, nothing.

Ashok Kamte, the Additional Commissioner of Mumbai Police, was killed while fighting terrorists in the Mumbai Attacks. He, along with Hemant Karkare, will be forgotten. Like them, I am sure there are many others to come.

As for the Mumbai attacks being India's 9/11, I do see many similarities. Both Manhattan Island and Mumbai are major financial centres of their respective countries. But I don't care about the similarities of the attacks. I want to see a similarity in how the Indian government responds to these attacks, just as the USA did. They should see that they are ready for another attack. Yes, you may be wondering why I don't want India to eradicate terrorism and just prevent an attack. It's not that I don't want it, it's just that it's not possible at this point in time! That's the nature of terrorism, ladies and gentlemen! It just can be eradicated. The most we can do at this point in time is to make sure another attack doesn't happen!

There is no use blaming Pakistanis for what has taken place today. We cannot use the small percentage of them as a stereotype for all Pakistanis.

The politicians are currently making all the decisions. They did not give the Army and NSG the go ahead for them to go in. If emergency rule had been brought in, this whole affair would have ended much earlier.


vigneshkumar December 8, 2008 at 8:56 PM  

Just now i know u do have a blog and visited .Very nice tharun.

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