Poo Man Escapes

This took place in 2006, but I just saw it. Hilarious. According to crime reporter Leon Watson,

A homeless man facing jail for causing more than 20 000 GBP damage by defecating on trains has ‘done a runner’.

Mr Bonney Eberendu, 36, was awaiting sentence when he escaped from a London hospital on Tuesday.

He had earlier admitted charges of causing criminal damage across South London’s railway network.

Mr. Eberendu was arrested by police in October after he was spotted at Camberwell Green bus garage.

It followed 22 incidents on trains bound for London Bridge and Waterloo, on which human excrement was found smeared over the seats and tables.

Mr. Eberendu’s three-month campaign of smearing human excrement inside the carriages posed a serious risk to public health and cost more than 20 000 GBP to clean up.

He had also been charged with possessing an offensive weapon — a knife.

At the time he absconded, Eberendu was undergoing a mental health assessment before his sentencing hearing, which is expected to take place later this month.

Anyone who has spotted him should call British Transport Police on 080 040 5040.

Here's a pic of the newspaper article:


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